Do you hear Me telling you to be My child again? You were born to be free from all the restraints that you yourself have allowed to be placed upon you. I made you a child for l have no adult children! If it were not so, then My children would not hold My hand nor serve each other in love.


l have made you especially childlike, because I have given you so many gifts that could intimidate others. I Am asking you to drop all the walls that you have put up that hide your true identity. I Am asking you to become My child and trust Me in childlike faith. I Am your protection and I know you and I keep you. Drop all the fences and go free today and every day. I want you to be free from all that holds you down, for l have much for you to do and say in My Name. You are a child of the day and I Am your Father of Lights. Walk before Me, looking for the good in yourself and in others. How else can you be true to who you are? You are a part of Me, created in My image to shine out into darkness. I do not need to be represented; I need you to be who I have created you to be, a true child of Mine.


Walk with Me and let My light shine forth; you will be a light and your burdens also will become lightness to you. You are My dearly beloved Child. My little children walk in real joy and strength. Author: Dianne Tylski


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