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Closer To Jesus

I Am your friend, closer than a brother. You have invited Me into the place of intimacy, into the “bedroom” of our home, where we share thoughts of the day as lovers. Realize that I Am ever-present with you. I want to be with you every moment of the day. I Am always there! Turn around and see Me, for I Am tapping your on shoulder. I Am your friend and lover! We are living together in an intimate relationship. Tell Me all and I will share My heart, My mind, and My counsel with you. Listen to My Spirit wooing you. My love calls to you every day! We are Best Friends Forever! BFF’s, if you wish to laugh with Me. Let this be your one thought today. Rejoice your heart in My love and constant companionship.



Width: 22″

Height: 12″

Thickness: 0.5″

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Width: 20″

Height: 20″

Thickness: 1″… Read More

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